Bunny Chinese New Year 2011

It's another bunny year meaning another 12 round comes. Meaning I'm another 12 year older. It does not matter at all because age is never a matter for me because the young heart that counts everything. I'm enjoying my very first Chinese New Year as an employee. Not great for holiday but great in earning extra income.

CNY is time when I get to meet up all long lost relatives. Not to say long lost, should say those where we only get to meet once a year. Happy to meet them. First day, of course need to seriously dress up. It is never an exception. I just love to show off myself on the very first day even though I'm not outstanding among so many sweety pie. But still I'm dressing up just to impress myself.

My mum and sister also. They are beauties. For me they are awesome. We all looks a like isn't it? Mummy, wish you forever young!!

Outings with friends is a MUST like always. Just love to spend time with them because this is the only time we get to hang around and catch up things happen among each other. Friend is always to bluff and spend time with when you need them.

See how great they are to me. We had been hanging around till the 10th day. Just unforgettable. It was great. No matter how down I am, how unhappy I am, I just feel great when these bunch of bff's are around me. They can just simply cheer me up with no doubt. Love you all so much!


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