SOHO is giving me great impression when I first stop by there. Their environment, ambiance and food fulfill my standard. Went there once again on May. It was a total disappointment. SOHO had actually merge with BARcelona and they are using the same menu. Having high expectation proves me wrong. The food were worst than I thought.

This turkey ham salad is the most pleasant pick of all the food we had that night. Fresh vegetables and great combination of sauce.

This is just normal plate of chop that I can have everywhere. Even kingwood can beat their taste and price. They chicken is too hard even for a youngster like me. I don't know whether they overcooked it or the process of getting it cooked was wrongly done. Not acceptable!

Not even qualified to my taste bud. Like I said above, the chicken was hard I think they kept it frozen for quite sometime already. The cheese was not melt when I open it up. I can't even taste the cheese within and it was still whole piece un-melted. This is total disappointment. I never knew it can be such not up to standard. Thumbs down totally!

This is just a pass. This was okay but not good enough for a western restaurant who was selling western cuisine. People are having high expectation and the way you're food served totally gona chase your customer away.

I won't be there for the second time. A drink might be, FOOD?? please count me out! That's the last time I will step in there.


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