Everyone is taking about this sister restaurant of Citrus, silverspoon. This newly open restaurant is definitely a highlight among mirians since it's opening. Mirians were eagerly visiting this brand new comer. Neither do I will miss out this chance to fight for a seats because almost full house every night.

I simply love their decoration. Just lovely and comfortable environment. Those lantern was truly attracting people BUT might be misguiding too.

Pork Chop Rice
Portion was wise with its price. It was nice but the rice is too dry for me or even a kid. Pork chop was nice but I think the sauce can have more improvement.

Pork Belly
I know this might looks bad from its appearance but it taste truly much better than how it looks. So never judge from its outlook. A good food do not required to looks good to taste good. Agreed?

Fish & Chips
This is nice and their fish is definitely fresh. Just a little different from normal served fish and chips because fries portion is way too small. Doesn't looks good for presentation purposes but taste was still great.

Pig In A Blanket
The title of it definitely different from what we imagine. We were expecting it was something cover all instead it was sausage roll with ham and served with smashed potatoes and salad. I heart their potatoes. Taste nice and their gravy is awesome too.

Mozzarella Cheese Stick
This is cheesy but not really satisfying me. There's no cheese taste and personally thinks the cheese was over loaded in that bread. It was deep fried and crispy but not really taste well. Served with blueberry jam but I think the combination could be better with something else.

Overall it was ok. I am hoping for more surprise because I am yet to try out their pork rib which I think it was hot pick of the night when I was there. The portion really blew me off. I am yet to challenge.


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