11th Borneo Jazz Festival - Introductory , Preview, Tree Planting & Welcoming Dinner

Media Walkabout - Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri

Always exciting when comes to covering Jazz Festival. Borneo Jazz makes it return of 11th year to Miri with extra programme to attract more either local or international festive goers. As for us (the media), were also well taken care of. 

Media walkabout was started last year. Main reason of having this meeting is to introduce, spread knowledge and definitely using the power of writing to spread words to public and specially new comers how is it gona look like on the event ground. What will you be expecting, what precautions you should take when there's an emergency (thou the chances are one in a million), vendors that will be participating and the location. These are all high possibilities question that may pop up. That's how the walkabout comes about.

[Mr Andrew Peter Law, General Manager of ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri explaining the floor plan]

[Sound system plays a big part in most festival and they are ready to set up.]

[Platform where the performers that are going to show their talent.]

[Canopy that will be filled by vendors, trying to fulfill every needs and request of the festive goers.]

[Crews that work day and night just to make sure every system is scrutinize to minimal error]

Preview Show - Ming's Cafe

The preview show which was used to be in the mall doesn't seems to be that attractive enough. Therefore, Sarawak Tourism Board intend to collaborate with local bar and see how does the crowd turn out in the local cafe.

Unexpectedly, great response and they LOVE it!!! Totally a better platform to market and getting public to acknowledge about Jazz Festival. Oh...and thank you Ming's for having us. It was a truly great hospitality!

Tree Planting - Piasau Nature Reserves (Piasau Boat Club) 

Tree planting ceremony is already a MUST in every festival that STB organised. Being part of the CSR and also contributing a little effort to the mother nature which we had destroyed without knowing. It is never too much and late to go green.

Thou the rain may be slightly disadvantaging but the weather is just cool.

[a group photo before getting our hands covered with soil]

We, we, we the Sarawak Bloggers, are doing our part too. We left our footprint as a marked of our contribution to globe. Just a tiny bitsy effort but it probably mean much when every each of us contributing it, ain't you agree?

Welcoming Dinner - Miri Marriott Resort & Spa

Welcoming Dinner hosted by Miri Marriott Resort & Spa simply gives a diversification to the usual dinner buffet we used to have. Was truly a fascinating dinner as we get to enjoy our night by the beach  and watching the sun slowly eaten by the endless sea. Never gets bored watching sunset (least not me).

Local delicacies is a must as this is what the tradition served. How could you have something ordinary and common when you landed on a foreign land, can you? Sarawak laksa, umai and pansuh ayam (chicken), they had it all covered.

Truly an enjoyable night specially with the companion of background music from traditional musical instrument "sape". Slowly leading us through the night and softly bring us to ease.

The event will be starting tomorrow. If you haven't get your tickets, you will still be able to buy it on the official venue itself which is Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri. A day passes at RM100 and two days passes at RM180. Be there to feel, experience and most of all? Indulge! See you there peeps!!!


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