11th Borneo Jazz Festival : Musical Night

It's about a week since Borneo Jazz ended. Still stuck and hope it haven't even started yet. I do not wish to wait another 365 days for the next because....I want it NOW. Want it all over again because I have not had enough. Anyone have travel machine that can bring me back to past and let me had it all over again? Dreaming I am.

Every year, Jazz will always have school band to kick start the performance and definitely, there's no exceptional this year. SMK Chung Hua is still at it's best. Looking at our future, I think we are doing good at polishing them. Chances, opportunity and proper platform are provided for them to show off themselves.

Speaking of the future, USM Mini Big Band - a youth band, which is the very FIRST that was invited to Borneo Jazz Festival. A bunch of talented youngsters who came together with the same passion towards music. Feeling proud having them standing on this very international stage, showing other nationality our future! 
I came to realise that there's slight diversity in band selection this year. There's more Asian band and classical Jazz compared to previous years. Representatives from Malaysia, proudly present to you, our very own local band, Funkatorie. Who will ever expected that funky and jazz music do come along so well? Who will ever imagined with two such contrast element can come together and delivered such a fantastic outcome? You will never understand till you see them perform.   
Another lined-up band is also from our homeland. Before that, did I mentioned that we had lots of crossover Jazz band between countries this year round? First group presenting their fusion Jazz is this combination, A.P.I  from Malaysia & India. Two different countries with such diversify culture came together and produce Jazz music, produced an extraordinary outcome. It is indeed more to Indie pop Jazz due to their musical instrument. When you closed your eyes and feel the groove, you can sense India cultural tune but yet it is groovy. Fascinating combination isn't it? Can't seems to understand? You should be there to experience. I had no idea how to put my limited words into sentence to describe how I felt. You  just have to be there.

Taking a few hours drive, we are moving to our neighbourhood land, Singapore. Raw Earth from Singapore have more input of R&B and minor rock into their Jazz music. I know that doesn't really make sense but somehow there's partial element inserted in it. I can only interpret my feelings with limited words and knowledge to an understandable language.
Still wondering in Asia, presenting the returning band, Yuichiro Tokuda's Ralyzzdig from Japan. This is all about Japanese Jazz as per Yuichiro himself. Having enthusiast towards Jazz and loving his own culture, he combined both in one and create their very own signature Jazz. Thou it is not strong element which was much different from original Jazz yet it is still genuine. His band is rather a cute bunch and also a humorous group.
Enough of taste of Asia, we are now touring the globe to the other side of earth. We have O Sisters! from Spain to hit up the crowd. Their super classical performance, songs and tune reminds me of Sean Connery as James Bond. That classical english that he speaks, that beautiful women that he flirts and that electrifying stares that he have. I melt! Don't ask me why but he came to mind when O Sisters! starts singing. 

Manou Gallo Groove Orchestra from Ivory Coast and Belgium is another crossover band. Being truly unfamiliar, when I first heard, its a mixture of Brazil tune with touched of Jazz. Forgive me being not knowledgeable enough. There's much element of hip hop and rock in it. My hip and legs started to move unintentionally when I heard them.

This year band gave me surprises one after another. They send me out of space and further transport me to another galaxy far far away. What on earth am I listening to? Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion with Classic Meets Cuba from Germany & Cuba gets every audience put on their dancing shoes. Their every note, every rhythm and every tune is simply amazing. Crossover music between countries is like an amazing art painted. Monalisa is the most glamorous art paint, theirs will be the most astonishing music note ever played. 

Last but not least, my favourite band of the year, The Rad Trads from USA. Not only the boys are cute (everyone knows it) their music gets everyone excited. Their music seems to speak the language that everyone knows. Body move along to its beat. Thou it's far but yet we feel the interaction. An amazing but yet very strange emotion that grew within. 

The performers for both nights truly did a fantastic job BUT undeniably there's some great people who we should never neglect that work hard day and night to ensure everything works right, accurate and precise. We have our emcee on stage. A person who takes control of stage once the music stops and he starts talking. 

We have the Schelleppers. A bunch who work additional hours to ensure the instrument is properly handle and in good security. They are the one who we should receive our greatest applause.

Nevertheless, the Media & Communication Team who take great care of the media team and make sure we are well equipped with the latest information and updates.

Finally, the media, local or international who is always crazy and doing nonsense but also working hard at the same time....

We, the Sarawak Bloggers would like to thank Sarawak Tourism Board once again for their invitation to cover their annual Borneo Jazz Festival. Thanks to Datu Ik Pahon Anak Joyik, CEO Sarawak Tourism Board & Permanent Secretary of Ministry Tourism, Sarawak for fulfilling our humble wish. Not forgetting to all who had work either on or off screen who we may forget to mention. Had another year with great fun and joy. Hope to see you next year. 
Mark your calendar on 12th & 13th May 2017 and watch out for this space for more information update. You can also visit their official website : jazzborneo.com

You may also read my fellow bloggers write up :

*All pictures above credited to Sarawak Tourism Board & pEi@asharingofmine


Eeca Shyaa said…
that looks interesting! i wanted to come but too late to buy the ticket. next time, perhaps? anyway hi! im a mirian blogger :)
-pEi- said…
Hi eecha. Thanks for dropping by.
Yes you should and please do mark and never get it forgotten.
Welcome to the community =D
LadyBird Eileen said…
bravo! nice write up there. :)
-pEi- said…
Thank you much Eileen!

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