Birthday Present

Birthday just past few days ago and I am so so happy to receive things that is so so unexpected. I never thought of receiving something special but indeed out of expectation.

The first pressie is far away from Cambodia. It is a gift from my dear Cynthina. A gift doesn't necessary to be expensive. The heart always counts.

The second pressie is so so unexpected that blast me off. It is a gift from ah gor. It is something that I wish to have but I never expect to get it as a gift during my birthday.

The lens that come with the digital lomo. There are fish eye, star dust and some others.
The digital lomo. The lomo which film not necessary in it. Only memory card needed to be insert, so how convenient it is? You get the lomo effect and at the same time do not need extra time to develop. The only thing is you can't see the picture after you capture.


Joyce said…
wah......... nice ^^

i want that lomo also argh~

what's the last one?
white color one.
how to use?
-pEi- said…
the last one is lomo lo...
above the lomo cam is the jelly lens which give u different effect on ur photo
dasolve said…
Good to hear u like it :)

But i thought my gift is ur 1st present???? :P

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