YOU TIAO is what we called in Chinese and 'YAO ZA GUAI' is what Cantonese named it and this food is said to be origin from Cantonese people. This is one of the high demand food in Pavilion. It is simple, non-oily and reasonable in price.

Their freshly made Tau Foo Far taste great and it is so smooth and doesn't have much of the bean taste which make people hardly love to eat them.....
You Tiao - It is so crispy to eat just like that or you wanted to eat with their plain porridge would also be great because the combination of both makes perfect!!!
Porridge - Their porridge is not so hardened or over watery. I guess that's the perfect way to describe. It is just alright and you can hardly see the rice but instead it is little sticky which a porridge should have....

After having that, my friend continuing exploring other food in the section. We go for the tart that had been very popular and keep mentioning by those who had ever had them. The legendary tart, JOHN KING!!!!
These are the tart that my friend had bought. Not much flavor left. looks simple but TASTE enormous!!!
1. Egg White Milk Tart - an attractive color but from the face of others after trying it seems like it doesn't taste what I thought it should be....
2. Original Egg Tart - I love it!! The crust is crispy and the egg smells and TOTALLY taste nice too!! (recommended)
3. Durian Tart - This is one of the favorite and best sell tart I guess. Left 2 when we reach there. You smell nothing when you bought it. But when u split it into half the durian aroma was like all over the place. Durian lovers will definitely love it!!!!
4. Crispy Egg Tart - This is the original tart but it is different in sense of the crust. It is so so crispy. The crust is much thicker but it won't make you not taking another bite of it. Have a try then you will love it!!!


lasapka said…
looks like i must go pavillion with empty stomach next time.
-pEi- said…
yeah lasapka you should go with empty stomach but not empty wallet okie??

coz there is too much food which you can't resist
i blog / u read said…
... but suddenly eating a lot of food with empty stomach will cause stomach cram :)

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