Why do people looks tough when they are actually weak in heart?

Why do people pretending to stand alone without no one but actually they need care the most?

Why do people trys to look tough from the outside to decrease the possibilities of being bully instead some people actually trying to help with open arms?

This is actually a very broad definition out of it. So what position are you in for being tough. Everyone was trying to be tough for lots of things that they are facing nowadays. There are nothing wrong with it to be tough but remember there is still friends out there to lend you their shoulders and be a good listener.


Soul Hart said…
Simple. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Are you alright, my dear Pei? I don't like minding other people's business, except those who are dear to me... Just to let you know that I'm always here for you if you need a friend to pour your heart out to. Cheer up ya.

One thing for sure, your dear friend here is not the one who pretends to be tough, because I am internally tough, LOL. Most of the time, reveling in the blissful aloneness; you'll understand what it means when the time comes & only if you're into the mystical path ;)

Hmm, the only help I need now is $$$$$$. I need half a million ringgit (to renovate my old home & furnish my new holiday crypt). Of course, none could help me with that but thanks for the thoughtfulness. LOL
i e R said…
i just need to be tough enough to wake up early in the morning, and tough enough to get through my days, and tough to go to sleep knowing today has ended. ^^
dasolve said…
if you are tough, you got the respect. If you are weak, your life in hell has just begun :)
-pEi- said…
soul hart,
u ahd ur point there

angel dear,
thanks for that
i know u and friends will always be around whenever i need all of u

basically i din face any prob at all nowadays just tought of it and just wrote it.
thanks for being so caring

haha tats a point to be tough tooo...

wow does it really goes tat serious
You are welcome, dear. Take care.
= FLoReNcE = said…
Pei!!! In our life, we have to be tough to face and handle everything. But each person has different characteristics.

If the person is tough enough, then he/she deserves the successful / achievement as the result.

Most of the time, a tough person gain the respect from others as they are won simply give up until they achieve their own mission (but of cos in a right way).

No matter what's going on in ur life. Be tough gal! We will always stand by ur side.

Miss u!
-pEi- said…
flo that was so right
so touching of ur words
thanks for being so encouraging of both u and angel
miss both of u
Gertrude L said…
hey pei.. u know wat.. i really like wat u've said there.
Actually now thn ive come to realise thts me.. Im all about that..
Ive never realise that, until lately...
Its just something that i cant believe but here iam ... That's ME
-pEi- said…
Thanks Gert
Ya tats what I am feeling people around me are doing
But I am hoping sometimes people can be little bit true to their own self
and so do u..
take care and look around
friends and family will always be there for u

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