Happy Birthday MummY

It is middle of the night or should be exact it is 3 something early in the morning, I was hanging around in the net and facing the laptop instead of dreaming and lying on my bed. I don't know why is this happen to me but I am guessing maybe I am used to wake up early during last few weeks exam and body had set that alarm. Instead I am so so tired but somehow my eyes can't close and let me sleep well.

Therefore, I plan to write this post for someone I love so much and gave me life. She is my mom. Today is her birthday! I am so happy I am able to make it this year to celebrate with her even it might be bit late when I reach home later tonight. But something is always better than nothing.

Been thinking how to celebrate with her but time is limited. So, we had decided to fly her a cake back with us as a tiny celebration. Of course we can't ask her to blow candle on the arriving hall right?? So, just get her a little cake and also a present to express our gratitude towards her over everything that she had done. It would be a long list to say if I want, so I will just ignore that part.




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