Recently, I am up to more nature photography. Those who know me well knows that I am always girl with my babe (camera) around. Non stop taking food places and something which is akward and new to my eyes.

Nowadays I find out that the view out from my balcony and window is so tentative and fascinating that I did not realise before.

Here are some shot that I had taken and I hope for some comment for my improvement in future!


For this picture, I take in two ways. a wish for brighter sky but somehow when I get the color of sky I want the light out from the blue cloud could not be seen clearly. Only when I set it to darker mode then the light out of the cloud could be emphasize out.


dasolve said…
hmm.... well capture. :)
Karlos said…
Hi! Nice pics! I see dust in your camera! Better get it cleaned..
garrylin said…
WOW!!! GREAT Photos!!! u sure have got an eye for photography... Cool!
-pEi- said…
gor, thanks a lot for your comment but more to learn

Karlos, are you Karlina from MC? thanks for dropping by.
AIKS, yeah I will thanks!

Garry, thanks a lot but more to learn from all pros. Will meet you during cny ya!
Karlos said…
Hi! Yup im Karlina at MC. Take care and take lots of pics k!
i e R said…
very nice, good composition :D (and good feng shui!~~~) :P
-pEi- said…
Karlos: for sure, provided I had seen something nice and have time

ieR: you are here...had been seeing your poat and great picture u take, thanks for dropping by

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