Simple but BEAUTIFUL

It was a fine evening when I tried to get my things done and arranging my stuff. Suddenly, I received an sms from a friend telling me to look into the sky. I was feeling that it was a pretty sky that night. Without second thought I take my camera and capture this special image which I thought is valuable to share with.

The orange with yellowish sunset makes the blue sky more attracting and astonish. It just makes me feel so relax when seeing it. One thing you should see is the sky is in totally one piece, just like a blanket. It is not a sign of rain but real one piece cloud. Nothing special just picture for sharing. Have a good day all readers.


dasolve said…
nice. you got the photographer blood! Photo getting better and better!
Yes, they're simple but beautiful.

-pEi- said…
Thanks gor for ur comment.
But I still so much more to learn, from basic photography till editing
and I misght as well get myself a set of the great cam for better photography

ANGEL yeah they are so pretty and only looking at it is enough and words can hardly describe it

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