2009 New yEar countdown at SUNGEI WANG $

It was like dreaming. Without notice it is another 31st December and time to move on to a new year that is 2009. Time past so fast that I was another year older and another 366 years gone for 2008 and also my life.

When to countdown last night at one of the crowd est place in KL. We went there at about 5pm even though the event start at 9.30pm because as you know KL traffic jam is so terrifying. My friend had planned activities for the both of us before we start countdown and accepting the brand new 2009.

(getting ready to go out)
Our first event is watch movie, we went for a comedy starring by Adam Sandler name Bedtime Stories! Will talk and discuss about this movie deeply in another post soon!! A funny one again from him and a good starting for a great night.
After 2 hours movie, we went around before having our dinner. Times Square had been decorating the place to invite coming Chinese New Year. I don't know why, all those decoration and songs surrounding the area makes me feel so warm and happy because I will be home soon and I definitely love Chinese New year.

It is time for dinner. We went to Kim Gary but I won't be saying much about this place since it had been introduce and written by me in my previous post here. So, just post the food that we had that night.
Red Bean Paste Dessert
The white layer is milk but taste weird for me and the red bean is to sweet. Combination of it makes the dessert just alright for me.
Coffee Red Bean
Ordered by my friend. He said sounds weird because the coffee , milk and red bean combination doesn't taste good.
Wei Liang
Abalone Salmon with New Zealand Cheese
The taste is just great with all those seafood. I just love the cheese and sweetcorn on it. Just nice for my taste!!
Abalone & Prawn with Double Cheese Delight
This is different from mine because it has double cheese and basically only prawn is different from my salmon.....
After dinner, we went to the countdown spot and start to join the crowd!!!
Starting of the event!!

That is Nicolas from Island and also Hao Ren of 2008 Astro talent
So sorry the picture is too small because I am standing too far away.
ManHand Daniel Lee
He did a great job last night with his song and great dance performance

Golf & Mike
This is newly form Thailand boy group
Even before all the performers get to finish their performance, it is time to COUNTDOWN!

Screen showing the time to 2009!
7 seconds left
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!
People playing with the snow spray and it is everywhere and people getting mad with it.
Fireworks is something you MUST have for such an important moment and also event!
It last for about 6-7 minutes.

Group photo of the artist, Emcee, and guest of honor
Performance by Edmond from HongKong after the countdown!
The crowd is still going mad and wild even we had gone through the historical moment.

And of course how can we forget this main character of the night which makes Malaysia proud.
Nicholas Teo

After a happy moment of entering into brand new year it is definitely a great moment of being stuck in a jam which may will be hours on the road.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dasolve said…
cool.................... Happy New Year 2009 mui
-pEi- said…
Thanks gor!!
hapoy New Year to u too!!!
= FLoReNcE = said…
happy new yrrrrr 2009!!!!
-pEi- said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 TO U TOO FLO!!!!!!!!!!

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