Monte Carlo

I was in movie fever recently. Heading to cinema for movie after one to another. No idea why but there's just too many movies screening that I would love to watch. Maybe there's not much entertainment and additionally its summer time in Europe, they have more movie release this month. Just my guess!

After transformer last week, I was once again at the cinema for Monte Carlo. A comedy which does not really attract me at first when I saw the poster. I don't really go for western comedy unless I know the storyline of it or the trailer was attracting.

Some of the scenes that you will see in the movie. It did recall some of my memory because some parts of it took place at Paris where I was there a year ago. Truly weird and funny feelings when you see something in the big screen the place that you had been before.

Scene from Monte Carlo in Hotel de Paris. I think that's how they written it. Story line was normal not much high or low issues but it was definitely funny.

How will someone go queue up for such normal movie with such poster compare to much breaking movie like Transformer. So definitely a good advert does matter for a movie ranking, just like a product matter much from its packaging.


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