Transformer 3 - Dark Side of the Moon

Are you transformer addict or fans? Have you watch the previous 2 series? Have you been awaiting Transformer 3 that everyone had been gossiping about because of the female character who is no longer hot sexy lady and also they are in 3D this time.

A few scene that you will see in the movie. As usual Shia LaBeouf the main actor have his action part too. A new girlfriend he is dating with is much hotter and taller than he does. He faces what every fresh grad might face when seeking for job and he is unemployed for 3 months more or less.

The decepticons is after him while he was working in his office. I had no idea what position is he in but to me he is no different as an office boy.

The new character of autobots, Sentinental. Autobots that were out of expectation. We thought he were like Optimus but some how he have different thought because in his world they were gods and he do not want to be part of Earth that they have to work together with humans.

The new actress Rosie Huntington - Whiteley. Undeniable she's hot and sexy babe. She's model for victoria secret so I can't comment much on her pretty figure. However, she does not have much action scene like Megan Fox those. I still think Megan Fox would have done much better but Michael Bay have his own director opinion which i never would have understand.

Bumble bee my always favorite. Even he is so robotic but he is still cute like usual. I just so like feeling to cuddle him.

We went to brunei purposely for this but ended up we only watch 2D because all 3D were fully booked. Overall it was till a nice movie. Some mentioned that there were no endings for those who watch within Malaysia but I think it is quite a good same ending everytime. Optimus prime still the one who ended the movie.


Brendon said… wasted u din watch 3D.... This movie is meant for 3D!! I watch 2d the first time....then i go watch second time but wit was of the best 3D experience. Must go watch 3D no matter the cost.
-pEi- said…
yeah i knew that but you know its a long way back to Brunei and our last trip doesn't seems to be pleasant enough for our return there,

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