Soon after opening of Silverspoon, OLD TOWN catch up their paced and open up after a month. If you remember or if you don't, I ever do review of it at KL here and here. I am doing this review again because franchise might be different in some ways not to mention the fast food restaurant of course.

Interior design is the same for the entire branch because this is one of the main terms a franchisee must follow in order their potential customer to recognise them. Classic seats with black & white photo on the wall.

How can you not try their speciality, coffee and also tea. I am picking Xi Mut Milk Tea and below this is White Milk Tea. I can't afford to taste the different unless I owned a golden tongue that taste every single details taste.

Coffee Lava
Coffee lovers gona love this because the coffee powder is spread over the vanilla ice-cream. Ice-cream and coffee lovers might like it.

Soup Egg Noodle
My first time trying this. I can't compare because I never tried this before but seriously its not my bowl of noodle. Maybe their soup just doesn't suit my taste bud because sweetness overtake the salty taste which I don't really like it. I never love sweet soup because it sounds so wrong and taste so wrong.

Double Kaya Butter
Taste the same but the bread doesn't bite with crispiness. Normal bread after heat up shall be crispy but not this one. I remember the previous I had before just had that crunchy bite and why this does not anymore? Or maybe they are too busy too served me at the right time when it was ready?

Curry Chicken Rice
I love the curry but somehow it was too cold for a hot dish. How can you served up food that's cold. That isn't right at any point. I hope they can improve in this way because a cook food shouldn't had taste cold unless it's a cold plate.

MeeHoon Siam Fried Chicken
My colleague think this was just not right at all. Plate was hot but serving was cold. Chicken was cold, mee hoon was cold and even sambal is not hot at all on that hot plate. Sounds wrong isn't it?

Maybe they are newly open that's why there's some mistake on certain aspect but do take this as consideration because little details might impact a lot especially food industries.


Naomi said…
hot plate with cold dish, it sound like it just heated with an oven
-pEi- said…
exactly naomi, just too sad and hoping they could improve

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