First Half of 2011

Twenty eleven is just half gone by now. Nothing much really achieved by me or shall I say I don't even have my resolution written this year, or any other year so particularly not only this year. It doesn't mean that I'm aimless but I have no dreams that I had full passionate to go with. It seems like I can be ok with anything at the moment. I am still looking for something (goal or dreams) that I can achieve in life. I hope I will find it one day.

Enough of this dreamy thing. First half of twenty eleven seems peaceful but some expected and sad situation happened. Death is certainly something very common in life but people still would be sad about it. I happened to lost my only grand elderly last week.

I went back to Kuching after 10 years for the same reason I got back there 10 years ago. I feel so pathetic and upset because I never return in these 10 years to visit my grandma. I feel bad and filial. Time will not turn back. I can't re-do what I have not done but I am hoping that I could treat my parents better when I still able too because I don't know when I'm going to lose them. It's not a curse but a fact to be face one day as this is circle of life.

A lesson learned at least for first half of twenty eleven. Sometimes I am desperate and pushing myself a lot for searching another half. It's not that easy but I hope I could meet him soon and hoping he could find me faster.^^ Have to be extra hardworking for final half twenty eleven.


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