I can't think of a tittle to write this post. I am kinda hectic and exerted these days. Day had been real rushing and tiring. At the same time, worried conquer me all this while. I am feeling tired and wishing for better rest. However, I could not slow down anytime by now.

My bro was admitted to hospital and we are all worried. Mummy will be staying overnight to keep him accompany. I will only visit him twice a day during lunch break and after work. We are not complaining just somehow thought he could discharged as soon as possible.

Needle poke in and out from his skin is rather torturing. See his skin swell in redness makes me feel his pain. I really feel whats in his shoes. What matter most now is he could recover soon and return home and I know this is what he really hopes for now. We will all pray for you speedy recovery.


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