Desserts Delight

Another dessert shop open but this is further to north, I think it's north because I am driving further up instead. hahahahaha..(don't ask be direction I am bad at it)

Honey Dew Sago
This is just great to relieve your super duper hot day. Miri is way to hot and this is just the right pick for you to cool down. Some might not like the smell and taste of honey dew but you can definitely try on this because the sago and ice-cream taste definitely amaze you. Unless you tell me you don't like sago and ice-cream. I am wordless~

Red Bean Soup
Just nice for red bean lover! You know what? They have big, fat red bean that is really tasty and juicy. Even it was not that mild but it still taste good. Amazing ain't it? See the hand? My friend is just too shy for a post. I will try to have more pretties next time in my blog...who knows this will boost up my blog traffic....*evil grin*

Papaya with White Fungus
Something light and hot is something that I love. Somehow there is papaya in it makes me sure of my pick. I just love papaya and don't ask me why. I just love it. Taste good. I couldn't judge it too detail because I never tried one before so I would say it was nice. Just I hope they can have more papaya and a little warmer because it taste tasteless when it that bowl of papaya turns cold.

Durian Pancake
This is so far the most awesome-ness durian pancake in Miri. Dessert Master doesn't impress me much because of it's thick layering which you can't even feel the taste of durian anymore. You can read it here. I finally found a competitive competitors with sweetchat durian pancake. Thin layer full with durian aroma. Just nice don't you think so? Thin layering with soft durian taste within...yummy~~~

Did I mention where it is? It is just right behind DPS. Area where you have lots of mamak. Senadin area where Curtin students used to hang out. Kudos for them, just that they are located to far from town~


hey peipei,
senadin now got mamak? how many?
im curious about senadin arae.
-pEi- said…
herm...a saw a few at around dps area
i did not count, but there's a few to fulfill demand of the population and curtin students

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