Harry Potter 7 - Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

After long wait of several months from Part 1, finally Part 2 is here to meet the fans of Harry Potter. No one will want to miss this especially those who had watch the previous series. This is the final part everyone waiting for. Series that makes everyone excited of because we all wish that ending could be different from story book. Will it be? Will Harry Potter survive?

Just like what the title below stated, It all ends here. This is where everything would come to an end. The mystery from beginning. The relation between Harry and Voldemort. Story behind Dumbledore and also Professor Snape. Those who did not catch up with previous series might not know what am I talking about, so do watch back all the series.

Unlike previous series you will have Voldemort all the while in this ending story. There will be more action part between both of them and also the followers of Voldemort. How all the professors, students trying to protect Hogwarts.

I think there's exciting climax in the story but I do agree with one of my friend saying that the movie is rushing towards the ending. Every scene seems to move faster and faster just to get to the ending. BUT undeniable I am impress with the story line too.

The ending was good. Just a little akward to see kids to dress up older than their true age. It was a good ending but might not be that great ending. Catch up with it before it's too late and I think you will like it.

I am glad that Harry Potter finally shows the end. At the same time I am upset because there's nothing more for me to catch up anymore.


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