This is a long due post which I kinda forget. Maybe it was not a memorable one but I still insist to share this because good or bad thing shall be shared among people for their knowledge. Another dessert cafe open after dessert master. This is not as good as what dessert master can offer.

Portugese Tart

Does not really taste like one. To me it was like an ordinary egg tart than a portugese tart. By judging from the picture you will realise that even the crust is not the original portugese tart shall have.

Gui Ling Gao

This is always the same. It only depends how much herbs they put in in every pot of "gui ling gao" they cook. A little stingy with their honey because they are not offering you a small tub but just pour it into that bowl of serving "gui ling gao".

Green Bean Sago

I can't recall but should be something like this. This is a totally no no for me. Not only disappointing but unexpected things found out. Not good to say it here because of some circumstances but it doesn't have much of the green bean taste that it originally should have.

Barley with Beancurd

Just ok but I am not quite satisfy. I don't know how to describe that in detail but not really up to standard I would say. There's some where that I tried could have been much more better than this.

This is newly open shop just right next to desserts. Can try it out maybe you will like it. This is definitely more location wise than the coming up that I am going to preview. Stay Tuned!!!!


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