10th SEPTEMBER 2011

Just can't deny that how fast time could fly. Just how fast 365days run even without our notification. I bet everyone would recall their previous years birthday or even celebration they had when they were kids. Remember what we used to have when we were youngsters? Party celebration either at fast food restaurant or some affordable hotel with high tea package.

As I grow, I love to spend time with someone I am close with. Family and good friends. They were just too awesome to resist. See how superb they are by celebrating every moment with me. My colleague did turn out some surprises for me too. I really did had great time.

Pre-celebration of my birthday by my colleague. I really do appreciate their effort because this is was done by people who are noob in driving but with official legal license. They are such cute people. This is one real big cake and the most colorful cake as I can remember so far. Not to mention those kids cake with lots of animation cartoon on it.

On the same night, had simple dinner with bff's and buddies at Siamese Secrets. All of them were just so sweet and how I wish I can give each of them a big bear-gy warm hug. Just love how the candle light glows under dim light.

The ladies of the night. I am glad they all make it here, just for me. How lovely they are isn't it? Love ya all max!~

Picture of me and edited into heart shape. Just realise we had been through so many great times and it doesn't seems enough at all. That's why being with the right friend is so so important.

Not to forget the only man of the night.

Thank you those who came that night. I really had a memorable night. Thank you for the gift of course and I am liking it.


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