Plan for a quick escape? Want something simple and yet not tiring trip to get off from terrific long jammed or even hectic environment? I definitely think Miri is a good place. As Mirian I think Miri is a good escape for skyscrapers citizens that had been living in big cities for quite some time. It's time for you to get close to nature.

First of all upon arrival you can had your passport add in another country sign without taking plane. An hour drive from Miri you will reach Brunei. Brunei is an Islamic country with great natural resources, petroleum. Besides that, they are famous for its sushi. It is definitely worth it to have a trip there. You'll never regret and you'll never get it anyway at Malaysia. Bi, fat and juicy salmon especially.

Enough of Brunei and we will come back to the title of this post Miri. MIRI is famous with its own speciality of food from various ethnics. You can never miss out one most important food here, kolok mee. Our famous noodle you can't find else where. Every city of Sarawak had different taste but Miri definitely had one of the best.

Kolok mee is not the end of it, we have our Sarawak Laksa. This is totally not what you had like Penang Laksa. this is total different and we have more salty taste than Penang Laksa. I don't really know the history of it but I know nice food those attract people attention.

Seafood is something you can't miss out. Of course we can't compare our seafood with Sabah definitely but we still have fresh seafood with affordable price compare to any other city in West Malaysia. Crab, fish, prawn we have it all. Price might vary depends on seasons.

Enough for food at the moment. We can't have food all the way without visiting the tourism place that is an icon of Miri.

This is a new attraction which takes around 2 hours from Miri. There's lots of activities that you could participate in. Kayaking, water park, fire fox which you get to relax and enjoy yourself and also close to nature because there's no other skyscrapers or buildings around. Only green nature where you are able to hear beautiful animal cricket sound.

This is one of the famous must visit place when you are around Miri. This is place is around 3 hours drive from Miri. Niah Cave is actually the oldest cave in the world. You will get to see the old painting that was ther e for decades ever since the stone age. Explore and see it with your own eyes.

Reminder : Please bring water and torch light with you. Remember to have good shoes because it is quite wet and slippery in there. Bring a rain coat in case of rain because not all parts of the cave were covered.

We have lots of beaches but not as active as Penang Batu Ferringi. We have no all of those because we have to many jellyfish which is quite dangerous for sea sports. However, sea breeze and also sunset were just awesome enough.

This is one of the attraction too. Walk across the long bridge where you got to see Taman Awam view. The bridge took around few minutes from the beginning to the end. Enjoy the walk because it will be a fantastic one.

This is uphill attractions. You will see part of historical moment of Miri here and besides you will enjoy the night view of Miri. You will see the whole Miri here at night. This is beautiful. Grab a tripod if you want to grab a picture.

If you have more days Mulu Cave will be another choice. This is one of the largest cave in Asia. You can't reach there by car so you have to fly over which only takes about an hour. At least 3 to 4 days trip expected.

I am a good traveller am I? I just love to travel and hoping someone to sponsor me a near future trip??? Hahahahah, hoping AirAsia see this and bring me a free trip. For once only maybe? This is all about Miri, expect for better one on next post.


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