NameWee In Da House

*This is a little back dated post due to my laziness.

Mirian all know that Name Wee was around last weekend. He is here for his movie promo, Nasi Lemak 2.0. No one will ever expect his movie was able to show in the cinema. He was once a controversial person which had causes lots of issues in Malaysia. However, on the other hand I personally was quite proud of him. He is a Malaysian who really walk in our shoes and dare to voice up issues that we do not dare all this while.

He went to 2 places that day. Imperial Mall and also Boulevard Hyper Market. The crowd is unexpectedly awesome. Everyone in Malaysia knows him and in his fb he stated he loves Miri much and hoping to return. The merchandiser booth set up before the event officially starts.

He was here for his promo and he is cute thou. As in his round chubby cheek. The MCee were actors in the movie too.

There's a short interacting session with fans and some give away to the winners. Everyone was having great time with him listening more or less on his hard times during this production which takes him 2 years to finish.

This session does not really last long because time is catching up. A short signing session after that and how am I gona miss these out since I was there. Of course I did bought the merchandise but that assisting girl on the stage said my shirt can't be sign because the artist are using black in marker. What does that even mean? You are selling black shirts and you did not expect people to get signature on it? Use your brain fellow? Get a marker that able to use on every color surface lah....common sense ba....

I was not quite satisfied with the event programmer because they did not even think of these which is quite an important session. However, I am lucky to snap a photo with him eventhough the assisting girl on the stage I mention just now wouldn't let me to take a photo with him. Awesome Name Wee is generous enough to allow me to do so. How good he is for our first meet. At least I had better impression.

A photo of us after the event ends to show we can be the crazy fans too, just for a day. Hahahaha.....and we are enjoying it very much. WAHLAO EH!!!!


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