Do you still remember the blue genie that we used to watch when we were kids? We never know that they were cute and so kind. Smurfs once again had an adventurous "trip" to New York City. It was a challenging trip because they need to find their way back home only when blue moon strikes. Papa the oldest Smurfs in them had the responsibility to bring them back and they are one cute little thing that loves to say smurfy almost for everything.....

I think they were cute. I enjoy watching them but I always feel akward to have cartoon character with real life human. Don't you think it is so unreal. I mean that they wouldn't be in reality. I know that's what movie meant for, going beyond reality.

I personally think that the story was quite enjoying, especially the cat name Azreal. It can understand what it owner said and it can even talk. It facial expression were superb. Hahahahahah

Too bad there wasn't any 3D available at Miri. Overall it was ok. Another comedy for fun because I don't think there's much attraction to people who never like cartoon. It will be nice to watch this kinda movie once in a while to release stressful week of work.


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