Dragon Year - 2012

I know this post is a little outdated but it was good thing to let me recall back what have I done for 2012 CNY! It was a great, pleasant and fully utilize CNY because I used up all 15 days with lots of visiting and outings.

Before we welcome the year of Dragon, lots of preparation to be done. However there's one thing we will never miss out doing , visiting the CNY Bazaar. This only happens once a year, a week before CNY.

Spring cleaning, make over, shopping haul and lots lots of work to be done. Night before new year of course we will be having reunion dinner. I'm not gona write about it this year as I had post it twice for previous years.

I'll just jump queue and fast forward it to the first day of CNY. Of course ti-bits and CNY decoration shall be put up to welcome this awaited long Dragon year.

My camwhore picture on the first day of CNY. The elderly always say red is the best color for the first day but too bad I did not manage to get red color so black is still my preference.

With all my colleagues at my boss open house. The very first time visiting his house and sadly it was raining heavily. However the rain does not stop us and we had more visiting.

Second day of CNY. There's more cam whoring because I just love the piece I got from seesaw's playground online boutique. The quality and material is awesome.

Get change at the night and ready for more outings with one of the macho man standing behind me. An old friend during primary school. Still hilarious as usual. We gona miss you much dude!! Be good boy where ever you are.

Third day of CNY is the busiest day because a friend get married and we need to be "ji mui". The very first time in life be "ji mui". The whole experience was great and we get to torture the brothers.

Lovely bride with pretty ladies. Congratulations my friend!!

Right away house visiting after the morning session ends. Rushing back home and get ready for wedding dinner at night.

Me and the boys. Missing them much. Come back fast and we shall turn the world around!!!!

The bride certainly still looks the best at night. We are glad too that we manage to had a small gathering with some old friends that we could hardly meet.

Just lovin' this picture in monotone. Very oldies and yet emphasize out the people in the picture.

We had another round at Alfresco and this is the group photo of us. Really had great time with this bunch of crazy mates and I love them all.

Attending my best buddy birthday on the sixth day of CNY! She looks awesome still and wishing her all the best in her studies and future undertakings!!!

Guess what???? I had more eating session right after my friend's birthday celebration at the same night, STEAMBOAT!!! HOW NO FAT LIKE THAT????? Keep eating and more eating. =.='''

Guess where we went the next day? Off to Brunei for more food, SUSHI!!! How well can we planned. We are spending every minute with more food and joy. That's the best part of our gang. Seeking for more entertainment and FOOD!

More of me. Posing with one of the famous dragon plush and this is limited edition ok. Not available in the market already.

The last day of CNY we went to "Pao Gan" event. Ladies get to throw and the gentleman get to pick the orange. Remember to have your name and also contact number to let the man contact you.

It was a memorable CNY. How I hope we have 30 days for it. Not the red packet or food but we get to gather and more visiting of relatives and friends that we did not met for ages. Still the best season that I'm enjoying the most of all.


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