Angels & Demons

This is another great production after DaVinci Code. This is greater, excited and more knowledgeable movie.

This movie is more to Christian history and all the ceremony and nevertheless famous place that Christian treat as honourable. I have nothing much to comment on this movie as I think from the beginning till the end the story was quite good. The flow is indeed smooth and connected.

I did enjoy the time Tom Hanks search for clue to find the candidate popes where they were hide and the place they will get killed. There is so much excitement in it. My feeling was just like a roller coaster going ups and downs without knowing what would it be the next moment.
I could only give two thumbs up for it. Don't believe what I said? Watch it yourself and you will know what I meant.


this is a "heavy" movie. i guess not many will watch. but me likey.
-pEi- said…
but i really enjoy it very much
me likey too
= FLoReNcE = said…
I just watched it. I found it nice. Same category as Da Vincci Code. :)

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