Kuching Local Delicacies

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia so you will expect lots lots of different delicacies that you might taste around whole Sarawak. Even the most famous kolok mee in Sarawak, there are different varieties among the city. Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and Miri, you will have to be ready for different taste. So not to mention what will be different from East Malaysia with West Malaysia.

First most famous delicacies, Sarawak Laksa. There's actually 2 types of laksa, one with more of curry mix santan taste and another with more curry taste which is darker tone for soup. Our first try is at Golden Arch building, Garden Cafe & Restaurant.

This is super awesome. This is totally different from Penang Laksa. The prawn is definitely bigger than what you see in the picture. The sambal was awesome. Really does stimulate the appetite with the hot and sour taste. SUPERB!!!

That's just a starter. Just warm up for the beginning. Next stop on the same day we went to Swee Kang Ice Kacang. You will be shocked with the amount of food that we had ordered. 3 types rojak then each a bowl of ice kacang. How 'light' our snack it is.

That is just first round of snack. We had second round after that. You can't imagine we just had snack. Off for siew mai and big bun. Not a good thing to write it out in chinese as per my friend. You rarely find the filing is full and the bun layer is thin. Very filing in your tummy too. This is so far the best siew mai we had too at the very same shop. We even tapao back to Miri.

Very full for the first half session. There's something more heavy for night. Control your saliva and prepare for more food from Kuching.


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