Cat City - 1/612 - 4/6/12

Been ages did not update my blog. Sorry for neglecting it. There's nothing much too update. How I wish I got sponsors for vacation therefore I can spend more time on blogging. Actually, I am away for a quick short holiday escape. Just fly over to Cat city to visit a friend and at the same time had a food vacation. This trip is truly all about food. Except food, there's still more food. I gained weight during this trip. Ready for more excitement? Scroll down and get ready with your tissue.....

Sarawak Laksa

Rojak - Jelly fish

Fruit Rojak

Awesome Siew Mai

Favorite pick - Fried Chicken

Great Place - Secret Sanctuary

Awesome background for shooting - MBO, Kuching
Acting cute
It was a short trip but we fully utilize every day. We had lots of fun and enjoy the slow and relax pace. It is not awesome to go for a trip and you are rushing every where to catch up with the itinerary.

To be frank, I am out of words to write in this post. So watch out for details post for the FOOD!!!


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