The name does not mean it all. We went to a seafood restaurant doesn't mean that they are only specialized in seafood and not other dishes. They have so many thing that they would recommend to you. It was so fulled and packed that we almost waited for 40 minutes for our food to arrive.


I think this is nice actually. The taste of the ribs act like an appetizer for the start. Everyone were loving it. However I do wonder whether it is truly good or because we were all grab because of hunger. tsk tsk tsk.....


I named it very awkwardly but I think it does suit this this because the meat texture is still soft. Meaning the chef is actually doing a good job and great control on the fire because it does not taste like any deep fried food that you will get in any fast food chain. yummy and thumbs up.


This is not well done. The soup is over sticky and not watery enough to be name as a soup and more like a sauce. In addition, it is over spicy and also salty. I only had that one small bowl and never intended pun to grab another bowl. Failure~


I think this is quite normal. So far I personally thinks that Golden Restaurant, Gloria Hotel Miri still have the best yam basket that I have ever had. The ingredient is almost the same so nothing special about it.


This is interesting and so far I had never tried butter fish before. Heard of butter prawn or sweet & sour fish but not butter fish. It is interesting but still I am sensitive when fish that had soil taste in other name is "淡水鱼". It is cheaper to breed than to catch. However, this dish is still consider good because I'm liking it if there's no soil taste.

I am sorry I could not provide full details about this restaurant as I had no idea where is this. Do forgive me and I shall be more hardworking and get more details about place that I go. =)


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