Second day was the day that full of excitement and sun burn moment. I love the sun and it was not over heated that day. Just right for beach day. See wide smile on everyone faces? =) All of us can't wait to take off and be like a fish that swims freely in the sea. However, we can only float on the surface of the water. Even the boat riding was exciting. Drifting was cool especially when the wave is coming from the opposite side. Few pictures before taking off.

The ladies in the group. We were like queens & princesses because we have more gentlemen that looks like they are our body guard.

Lovin' the sea. Can you see the blue sea without any polluted sign. So blue and so refreshing. Too bad underneath there's still some rubbish that were throw into by some irresponsible tourists.

The guys can't wait to take off to the sea already and see us were still have our proper attire on. Scroll down and see us with swimming attire......oh~~~~sexay ladeh

Snorkelling is what we did the whole there at Sapi & Manukan Island. It ain't easy task. Tiring and it is tough for us the lousy swimmers. LOL~


Final post before we depart back. This is the only day that we get to "beach" around. 

A truly early dinner at Welcome Seafood Restaurant. This is my second time here. Still taste awesome and super likey there food. 

See how awesome the seafood!!!??? Ridiculously amazing! Everyday just seafood, seafood and seafood!!!


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