Everyone loves to shop. In this 21st century era, shopping is not only for girls anymore but for all levels of generation. Just the things that we shop of might be different in this technology era. People will never expect that you can even shop without stepping out of the house. Just by few clicks your shopping cart could be fill with your favorite items. 

Nowadays there's a lot of blog shop that offers online shopping. Quality wise, price cheaper and most of all you don't need to have much hassle of carrying plastic bag full of goods.

As years passed, lots of big brand is offering their own online shopping at their own webpage and COTTON ON is one of them. This Australia brand has been one of  my favorite stores when I was exposed to it the first time in year 2009. In love at first sight. Good quality and price wise for an international brand compare to forever 21 and Topshop.

Just visit their facebook page here or even their shopping website here for more information. I am writing this for the sake of East Malaysia readers, especially Miri because we do not have much big brands available in our local mall. This is so shamed to tell but lucky at the same time that CottonOn is providing us this services finally.

Basically, this is how it looks like when you click into the link provided. Please click asia and then pricing in MYR. Just to remind all readers because if you do not click into asia, some products available in Australia is not available here in asia. 

Currently they are having promotion of free shipping to all over Malaysia, so do grab this promotion before it ends.

After you had made your purchase they will send you an invoice to confirm your order. They will also send you a tracking shipment advise when the parcel is send out. It takes about 4-5 days to arrive depends on your location.

Receive my parcel yesterday. It totally cures my Monday blue straight away. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and a tote bag and guess how much I had spend for it? Just only MYR60. Where would you get such cheap dirt sales out there. You will even only get to buy either one pair of shoes or one bag with the price I am paying for 3 items.

Nice victory! It always feel like mission accomplished when at the end of the day you got your parcel of goods. Much satisfaction! What are you waiting for? Click in and start purchase.


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