Kota Kinabalu Trip with ABM Gang - DAY 1 (KLIA WETLAND LODGE)

This is an outdated post which I do not get to post on time. Late is better than nothing ain't it? Went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 2 months ago. This is my second time there but this is the first official trip I had. The first time there was a to transit flight to Taiwan so did not get to tour around KK much. Thanks to this bunch of gang, we did not only get to gather we also get to explore too. 

First thing we do after arrival, is food hunting!!!! Super hungry. What else you could have in KK better than seafood ain't it? Superlicious!~ See the whole table of fish noodle, fish head soup, asam fish head, fried fish...everything fishy.

After lunch, we continue our journey to a rural area which takes around 2 -3 hours. However, it is all worth it because this is where we will be staying for a night to watch Proboscis Monkey and Christmas tree that light up all by Fireflies. It is absolutely fascinating! Few pictures before we go off. 

The gang which I missed! Misses you guys still!! Just a randomly snap picture.

Oh ya we did a pottery before we went off to watch monkeys, animal which they prove to be our ancestors decades ago. 

Life jacket to protect poor swimmers like me. Love and hate the neon color of the life jacket. It really does caught attention which i like but also dislike because incase  I drop into the river, the crocodile can easily spot me lar!!!!!

So upset that we did not get to grab picture of the fireflies because we can't actually use flash which will actually scare them off but if we use flash you wouldn't see the light too. So you can only come and see it yourself but it is quite spooky too because there's no light at all, even the boat does not switch on the light in order for us to enjoy the maximum lighting from the fireflies. It was a memorable day. Tiring too and we set off to bed earlier that night before we go off for more exciting trip on second day.


sagaraptor said…
on tour package?

interested to go there
-pEi- said…
we book our own flight but after that we get a tour to tour us around

let me know if you would like to get their contact

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