Baba & Siam

I bet most Mirians had notice of this newly open Restaurant around Permyjaya. New restaurant normally were always full packed with customers and there's no exceptional this time round. The environment and ambience of the restaurant was grest but something which is bad, there's lots of mosquito around. They feed you with food and you are feeding the mosquito at the same time.

It takes them about 5-10 minutes to send over us a menu but I guess they must have lack of manpower for their new opening. And indeed the menu doesn't really delighting us. Just normal paper that were clip on a file board. That's not the thing that surprise me, the price is even shocking thou.

It is expensive for a normal serving, however, the kind staff were kind enough to explain that the price were expensive because the portion is large enough for 2-3 pax servings. That would be a different story then. 

This is the best so far because we only ordered 3 food for 5 pax. Sufficient enough for 2 or 3 pax. The gang love the sauce which is serve with the rice. I love this because I love rice and raisins are the main point of it. Just like how I love Sugarbun raisins rice. It is delicious and abnormal.

I think penang still have it's originality. Do not want to compare but it consist of local taste which some Mirians may prefer. Probably only enough for 2 pax the max for this food.

To be frank, truly disappointed for this food. We are expecting much more after the first 2 food were served but the portion and outcome does not impress. Cheese bake rice supposedly to be covered with cheese and from the picture you can see only the chicken has cheese spread on it. Rice is rather to dry because they had baked it before hand. There's still room for improvement for this.

I think I will still go back to this place with the condition of wearing cover all. There's more food in the menu I wish to try as a sake of food maniacs. All above is just personal comment. You may have different view. Strongly recommend Mirian to head over to show some support for our Miri F&B industries.


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