Third day is much more relaxing as not much activity were arranged. However, most of the time spend on road. We took the whole morning to travel from our hotel to our destination. What we do in the bus is eat and sleep. Pig alike!

Our lunch stop. Food was not bad but not awesome. However the weather was great until dark clouds start to conquer the blue sky and rain drops starts to fall. However, we still can't stop eating. Tour guide told us there's nice BBQ chicken wing, and so we bought 2 pieces for each of us in the bus even we just had our lunch. Once again, PIG ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!

I think after a few hours of driving we finally reached our destination, API API HOT SPRING! But before we go for hot spring there's some exercise we need to do..........

.........which is to overcome your feeling of afraid of height. To be frank this is much more better than our Miri, Taman Awam hanging bridge because when u look down, what you see is tree and plants. You wont realize how deep it is even you fall down into it. What makes it scary is the pathway that they had build. It can only fit one person at a time but can be in rows. (do I described this correctly - photo illustration below)

After a long journey, finally we get to walk down and turn into our hot spring room. It is so different from what I experienced in Taiwan. I can't judge which is more better or genuine but I definitely love Taiwan hot spring more.

After a long day of fun, we are once again craving for food!!!!! We need food input BUT it turns out to over loaded! Everyone got bloated. This QQ cafe is a buffet style BBQ Steamboat full with varieties of selection. Seafood, noodles, veges, meats and also ready cook food. Just too much to fill into our stomach.

We definitely enjoy that dinner and I am hoping I never get so bloated again BUT still I can't resist nice food. The day was great with simple and relax schedule arrange. Nais~


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