Final Tour at KK Town

When you are having great time especially with bunch of mates, you will never realize how fast time flies. It is already the last day before we packed our belongings and fly back to where we should be. It was a great time for re-charge and while awaiting for the next trip.

We walk around KK town after we went up the hill and snorkel down the sea. It was super hot day which is good for visit but thumbs down for skin which we will all get tanned. Even it might not be an issue for me. 

Chocolate feast. This is what we had for our lunch. I never knew cocoa can be made up to so many different food which is beyond my imagination especially cocoa noodles. We all had great time for our lunch at that cocoa factory. YumMmMeEEhhHhHHh~~

Basically, there's nothing much after lunch as we were brought to place to buy local souvenirs and delicacies, such as chocolate, seafood and handicrafts.

Went for an early dinner and was treated by a friend, friend's who were local sabahan. It is very kind and generous of him to treat us all even we had only met for the first time.

My awesome bunch of Madagascar mates which I am missing after separate from them about 5 months ago.  They are all awesome!!!

Head to a local bar & lounge to chill out after a heavy dinner. Love the live band and sexy singers and handsome dude on the stage. Ignore imma tired face which I am ready to sleep.

Can't wait to go for our next trip. Miss all of them and plan for coming year trip as 2012 is 10 more days to end!!!!!!!!


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