Review of 2012

Just a quick review what have I done in 2012. Review is not because I want to stick with the past but to look into faults and mistake and of course memory to guide us through many more years.

2012 started with a blast of checkered  party gangs!!!

Week after 2012 started, attended a primary school mate wedding.

Our gang were full of activities almost every month or to say almost every week.
Our one and only doctor in the gang. One of the most hilarious one too.....

Went to throw some mandarin oranges, which is ancient chinese believe that guys will pick up the orange which might end up to be your partner in future.

We have two macho birthday on the third month. Coincidence, both were crazy about photography.

Food is something that our gang could not get rid of. Meritz Hotel were open for public but somehow it did not enlighten us at all.  

We had a photo shoot similar to what is "hitto" that season. "那些年。。。。"

So sad that one of our gang have to leave for good. Going to miss her much but she still gona come back once in a while to visit us.

Having a short trip to Kuching middle of the year to pampered ourselves after half year of hard work.

We saw Popeye came to life. A real Popeye without a tattoo and Olivia along.

Our Stitch girl birthday. Why do I call her that? She loves stitch so much ba. Knew each other when we were 7, it was already 18 years and we know that there are more 18 years to countdown.

Being assistant photographer for the first time. A great experience and really having fun.

We have a lot of September babies in our gang!! Imma one of them...hiak hiak hiak

Lovin' the surprise they gave me. Thanks to all of them who made another memorable memories.

Went to an event of releasing lantern. Don't really know what is called in English but chinese, is "Kong Ming Teng ". People tends to belive that wishes that you wrote on the lantern and make a wish before you release the lantern, your wish might came true.

Went to Niah Cave for the third time if I did not remember it wrongly. Wanted to gets closer to the mother nature, therefore we choose to go further from the busy town.

Time really flies and without notice it's end of the year again. Celebrated X'mas at a different way this year. Enjoying it very much and thanks for all who had come and made this event a successful one.

2012 had given me a real hard time most of the days. Even there is sweet memories but still could not cover it all up. I am hoping 2013 will be a better year ahead. As usual, I do not have resolutions and not planning to have one. Am I someone without dreams and achievement? Yes, so far. I have no aim and dreams. 


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