Prosperity Food Centre

I am more to food maniac recently. Been neglecting this blog as I had nothing much to blog about. Not really sure whether there is any readers out there who gona miss my blog but I am gona run this blog still even the passion of blogging is not as great as before.

Newly open restaurant at Miri which was located at Waterfront, behind See Hua Daily building and near to Venice Inn which you would passed by before reaching Prosperity Food Centre.

Personally thinks that the food was good but there's still improvement. Everything was too salty except for the pot of  mixture dishes which I think quite satisfied. Some might think the gravy might be to tasteless but it suits my taste bud. That's why everyone has their own personal preferences and taste. So , this is my personal opinion.

It takes sometime for them to get to food served but I think they are still new and still have rooms for improvement. Personally think the price is quite reasonable for such standard that they offered. The mixture pot do have other options which consists of abalone which I do not know ho much it costs. The one that we ordered a small pot costs RM 80, a bigger pot will be RM160.

That small pot were sufficient to feed 9 of us with extra of 3 dishes and 1 soup and still there was some leftovers. If you still haven't visited their restaurant, there's no harm to try it out someday. At least it would add up your list of choices when come to think of inviting guest. 


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