Eatery Place in Melbourne

14-16 Market Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Their speciality is definitely their dumplings and xiao long bao. It is actually a famous dish origin from Hong Kong if I did not remember it wrongly. Since this is about food, I will let the picture do the talking most of the time. Will just briefly describe my opinion. 

Pork Dumpling
This is better known as "jiao zi" in chinese which is something similar to wantan. To be frank I have no idea what's the different between them but the texture of skin is definitely different.

Xiao Long Bao
What makes this different is the skin texture is thinner than dumplings. On your first bite, you will have the gravy soread from the xiao long bao itself which is a taste of heaven. Eat it hot but beware it might burn your tongue and lips if you are not careful. Just way too tempting to resists and we ordered two basket of this for 7 of us.

136 Hopkins St, Footscray VIC 3011, Australia

Every portion here is way too huge for us. This is no kidding and I think a bowl of this can feed 3 of my size and appetite at least. The food is way too awesome and at least I finish my bowl of noodles and could not make any other attempt to finish my sister bowl. I used to sapu habis everything but this is really way too much.

Love the soup especially. Their ingredients are served fresh and go through lots of good comments for this Vietnamese restaurant.  

This is a cafe in a gallery which we stop by to have our lunch. Therefore there's no name and I can't recall where it is about. Food is just ok but I am loving the fish & chips and also their Salmon & Beef Steak set which blew me off. Western food is a definite thumbs up here. Or maybe I do no actually have much standard towards them. I just love food as long as they are not too worst.

380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

They say you are not considered to be in Melbourneif you haven't step in to this famous Italian restaurant which had been set up for long. The crowd is really no joke. It is barely impossible for you to grab a seat and we are way too lucky to get one but it is a share round table that could seat at least 20 customers.

Recalled one of the day when I was back at Vernice, Italy. Their most famous food, pizza & pasta. To my curiosity for something I had not tried before, I ordered Risotto. Was not as good as I expected it would be or maybe I am more in love with asian rice than to western way of cooking it. However, the pasta were truly undeniable tasty.

11- 13 Heffernan La, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

The elderly still prefer asian than western. Therefore, here we are again for typical asian food over hamburgers and fries. Portion is also large, which can feed at least 2 meal for my ordinary daily portion. I would most of the asian food were more similar to Hong Kong style except for Vietnamese food.

Happy viewing and watch out if you are drooling while scrolling down the page!


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