Colour Rush Run 2015

Colour Rush 3.0 return for its third year on 2015. This time round they make another big step forward by spreading their wings to Sibu. Many may wonder what is Colour Rush Run? It is a charity run that was organised by the SCCS, Sarawak Children's Cancer Society to help kids outrun cancer. They are non-profit organization with the objective, giving support, providing accommodation, supporting financial aid, educating and also organising recreational activities not only for the parties involved but also to the community to have a better understanding of cancer.

A meaningful run that you shouldn't have second thought of. Of course I can't force you to participate BUT if you are interested you may get your form at their registered counter or even registering online with a minimal fee of RM50. Upon registration for the run, you will get a goodie bag which can only be collected after that. However, venue and time for the collection pack is yet to be confirm and announce. You can click in to for more information of the collection and submit your application there.

These are the routes for the respective cities. 

Sharing bits of my experienced where I get to run colourfully around the town early this year. It is an awesome experienced. Knowing very well I am no good runner, I am participating with just a wish! To contribute and get to the finish line.

It is a 5km run. You can choose to jog or walk, it all depends on your stamina. There's no forcing of having time limit to reach the finish line. You wouldn't realized you actually walk around the city for 5 km by the time you reach the end. The event starts as early as 6.00am to avoid striking sunlight. We kicked start with a light zumba dance guiding by a bunch of alfro dancers before we were released off like animals out of the zoo. Light mist, fresh air & warm sunshine just makes the morning extra wonderful. 

Being first at the finish line doesn't seems to be the main aim for the participants at Colour Rush Run. It is the heart that counts. Everyone that were joining the trek were hoping to give this kids a HOPE, a CHANCE and also a LIFE. It doesn't really matter that you don't get a medal or appreciation out of the effort you kick in. The intention to help this kids are way more noble than any physical appreciation that you get in return. It is the satisfaction at the end of the day by helping people who are less fortunate.You will never know that your contribution today may have save someones life later.


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