Painted Imagination Into Reality - "Shoe-graphy"

Just a random write up when I am still active during the night. Blame the two tumbler coffee I had and my brain doesn't seems to slow down. For the sake of keeping the brain juice flow, decided to start editing photographs taken months back and do a quick update.

Started on a random night, and I am saying really random just out of no where, ideas and image keeping popping out from my mind. Poses that I can barely even do. Imaginary venue that I don't even know where to find. Photographer that I don't even have in mind that wants to capture my crazy thought without charges. And I just insist to get it done!

Grateful that I spoke my wild thoughts to a girlfriend. She is being supportive. NO words could expressed how thankful I am for her effort and time. She had granted my dreams. She painted the imagination of mine through her lens into this real photographs.   

Photography ain't easy task. Be it the photographer or model. Hundred of shuttle clicks and you may only have a few satisfied shot. Hundred of poses, you may probably captured more of awkward pictures than those you are impressed with. Trial and error is what it is all about.

This collage were unexposed pictures that I personally thought were just too gawky. We I am just being naive trying to put my imagination into reality. Putting every puzzle together ain't easy task as we went through much sweat and blood. However the hard work paid off when you finally see stunning photo out of hundred shots at the end of the day.

These are pictures that I personally love and posted in my social network. I hope you do enjoy this special crafted and selected ones!

Kudos and Cheers!!~


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