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Are you a social chameleon? Are you an extrovert? Never hesitate blending with people and afraid of socializing? And you happen to be around cat city next weekend? I think I found you a GREAT platform! You are reading the right post at an ABSOLUTE right time! The most happening and HUGE event called the #HashtagLive will be held :

Wondering what is HashtagLive about? 

HashtagLive Kuching #LiveKCH is a social media community event organized by Sarawak Bloggers Society dedicated to highlighting good use of social media and unity. Those coming can enjoy live performances play games see an intervarsity egames championship and interact with each other at Malaysia very first dedicated social media areas.

#LiveKCH is the first of its kind in Borneo with a dedicated area for the three largest social media platforms used by Malaysian; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This dedicated social media area is the first ever to be introduced in Malaysia in an event.

Aside from that, a variety of performers, carefully selected and scouted from YouTube and Facebook would also be performing live during the event, bringing more exposure to local less known talents to be discovered.

The name ‘HashtagLive’ was selected as hashtags are a common practice regardless of social media, and it links social media users to a certain topic or point. Therefore, HashtagLive Kuching brings meaning that it is an event where people of different backgrounds come together to enjoy what they have in common and celebrate unity and diversity without prejudice.

To enhance #LiveKCH, there would also be an eGames area where the Sarawak inter-varsity DoTA2 competition would be held, and market area, which will bring online shops to life.

#LiveKCH would also be used as a platform educate the public and social media users on doing charity, volunteerism and social media issues.

You think that's all about it? There's more HIT and surprise you would expect for such "oh-sem" event. With online shopping that tends to be trend these days, Hashtag Live will be bringing a few of them offline and you, you and YOU will have a chance to visit them right here at this event venue! What's better than feel, touch and see your favourite piece? Just be there to feel the vibe. I am sure you will be hit with tonnes of surprises.  

If you wish to know more , please feel free to click into their official website here. Perhaps, you want to talk to them, please do note hesitate to contact them at the details below. I am VERY sure that they are more than please to assist.

EVENTS HORIZON (Jason Chew/Joachim Then)
Lot 758, Shop Lot 10, Second Floor,
Jalan Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Kuching.
Tel : +60 82 457 167
Email : /
(Please put 'HASHTAGLIVE KUCHING' as your email title)

Facebook : TheHashtagLive
Instagram : TheHashtagLive
Twitter : TheHashtagLive


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