17 MARCH 2008

One month from now I will be preparing myself to be back to KL, in short I only have 30 days left!!! How sad that I am gona leave the place I love most!! I am gona miss home AGAIN!! Miss mum's cooking, miss friends, miss Miri and places that I usually hang out and most of all miss him!!!

It is really great staying for so long this time!!! Sounds like I am no longer mirian!! Hahaha.... I get to meet most of them if not iI still have a month to go. I dun wana miss any of them out because I always treasure my friends a lot!!!

Hanging out a lot this few days. Really enjoying and happy. Thursday (13/3) went out "lim teh' with one of my buddy "lovely Michelle". She came back for short holidays thats only one week but happy that able to meet her up coz did not see her after CNY.

On Friday (14/3), our forum having small activities at Starbowl!! Its time for bowling. Did not play it for so long....din really play well but enjoy the game coz having bunch of friends around. It is always different when u have lots of friends around rather then one or two of us. After that, we went to Siamese Secret. Not a bad place thou, nice environment (thats tha only thing I like about that place) but pricey food!!! hehe...

Yesterday (16/3), went out with my friend Kelly, eventhough we didnt really know for long but we had much to talk about. We sit at Blue Cafe for few hours and never leave until we get ready to go home. A lovely lady she is. Grateful that I know her and have such great friend. A really caring friend. She gave me a necklace to wish me lucks in my exam and that is something really unexpected.

Sorry for that. I dun have any camera, this is taken by my mobile. Thats why I think I should either consider to get a camera or a better mobile with great and excellent camera function!! I am really crazy about taking pics especially myself even I realise that I am not outstanding, pretty like others. But that is what I like to do....maybe I was influence by Donna one of my friend who like to take pics.... If I really get a cam, I would non-stop snapping here and there coz I hope of getting one for really long already but I still short of cash..so earn more money!!! Yeah!!!!

Its me again!! I really love myself very much..very 'zhi lian' person..hehe...like to take pic of myself anytime, aywhere, any place, tats y my mobile must have to cam both front and back for me to self shot..haha..I LOVE MYSELF!!!!


Donna Bong said…
LOLS! I don't think you're zhi lian lahhhh... it's a way of approving and appreciating yourself right?

and do get a camera! a digicam is much better than a hp.. cos you can take MUCH MORE pictures with a digicam than a cellphone.. maybe im still in the rock ages.. but wadeves.. get a digicam.. get a pink one! like mine!
-pEi- said…
haha..my dear wow a pink one..
herm..since u get a pink one i should either get a sharp purple or metallic blue would be better than we will have different cam with different colors..
GREAt isnt it..COOL!!!

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