I do not know from the post title how much you will know what my post is going to be...some might know and some might not....not to make you all curious, it is just a post of my new spec!! I love it when I first saw it. Just do not know why. Maybe that is what my instinct told me and I usually follow it to do my decsion and decide on things that I should do. Its kind of unique and I LOVE the spec box muchie!!!

Hehe...that is me with my new spec...definitely bit difference from not wearing spec...purposely have this spec so that people can't recognise me. Then I might turn out patting you at your shoulder and say.." you are who, who who.." and you don't or might not even know who am I!!


Eric Wong said…
nice specs.. got buy 1 pair for me ma.. haha.~
dasolve said…
wah pEi pEi, next time you better bring your big bro there too! i also want noeyelook :D. I want to "zeng" myself :D
pink-eclipse said…
wa pEi,u look nice wearing the specs...^^

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