Day of my first presentation

Its a busy starting month and it will be more busy for coming weeks.
Today is my first day of presentation and also the first day of my assignment.
I am going to do a presentation for my MORAL & ETIKA presentation.
Whew~ I was a little nervous but not scared.
Just little worried because had not been speaking malay for ages, and now I have to talk for couple of minutes.
Been well-prepared I guess.
When the times come for today, get myself ready and going to college. That's how I looks like today!! Just want to take picture!!! hehehehe

Such a relief after the presentation because another assignment is done!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!
There will be more to come but I am quite satisfy with this presentation as most of them enjoy my presentation and actually impress of it. I was so happy. It was a good one and maybe my hair cut do have some effect of good signs!!!
AZA!! AZA!!!


dasolve said…
Congrats! i knew you can do it! :D
Joyce said…
look like doll ^^
Vicky said…
ur presentation was great! good slang u hv! XD

ganbate on those other assignment!take care ^^
kimgo said…
wahseh slang lagi.... ang mo slang or local slang?? "lulian" ??
-pEi- said…
kimGo ah...slang lo...
its a bm presentation wo what u think??

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