Metric and Me meeting up!!

Today went to meet another MC net member and he is metric. We met at Times Square. Went for lunch at first, after that we went to lowyat for little shopping. Hehehe...and I found out something. Metric is good in negotiating, I really lost to him la...but at least he did bought what he want to buy.

After that, we went to Sg Wang. Didn't plan to walk and looking around so we finally end up at Starbucks...hehehe...we order some drinks and below is our order:

Chocolate Cream Chip (for me)
Ice Blended Green Tea (for Metric)

Been sitting for hours and chit chat. Really anice time meeting him and he is a nice person!!!


kimGo said…
hahah where u two's picture??
-pEi- said…
we din take picture wo..
all the guys member at mc i din take pic wo except for Cheryl....
maybe u will be the first Kim.....
no guys wana take pic with me ma...

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