Starting from 26 July 2008 is Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TAR College) convocation!! Its the last week by second last day!! This day is my cousin's convocation... Been photographer for the day so pic will show more than what I would say this time!!

This is the book of graduands name list!!
This is the invitation card!! You have to have this to enter the hall!!
My sis n me too boring, then we take oic in the hall during my cousin convo!!My cousin after her graduation ceremony!!
The roses that we bought for her...nice one!!
This is the second day of the convocation. That is my sister turns on 27 July 2008!! To my amusement, Mr Ong Ka Ting will be the one who gives out the certificates for the graduands!
My pic again, this time go alone...really boring till nothing to do so take some pictures..Hehehe
After my sis convo ceremony!!
The lilies that we bought for her as gift of graduation!!
cousin (jOu), sis, me (pEi)
sister n pEi
my dark eye cant be shown cause not enough sleep

After that we went for like lunch at Johnny's!!

Tom Yam soup
Chicken rice
BBQ chicken rice
Ginger mushroom rice
Spinach noodle BBQ chicken

The food is not bad especially the chicken they have is really nice. Aiks..suddenly think of that I forget to take the picture of my favoraite desserts.


dasolve said…
congrats to your sister and your cousin!
cync said…
pei, congrats to ur sis and couz too. waiya, im waiting to congrats u too. gambatte dear *hugs*

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