Bon Odori

There is a big event going on at KL last Saturday. I think it is one of the biggest event happen of the year. It is what you are looking at, that is BON ODORI. Bon Odori is actually an event where most of the Japan culture and food will be selling and perform. Even I was not there, only my sis, cousin and two housemates going but I feel rather fortunate because I won't have to spend money on things I see and also I had an appointment that day. I think I better stop talking and let all of you enjoy the picture because picture says a thousand word. So, it is much more than I write thousand words.

A small gift at the entrance

Picture with the japanese girl with their tradition costume
The traditional drum that they are going to perform and part of their culture

Not to look at the people there but the background, you can see thousands of people going and seeing themselves this big event which only happens once a year, between that girl is my elder sister

Snacks that they bought from Bon Odori
Japanese bread which actually cost RM10++ per loaf
Sake from Japan
This is the one which have lime in it
The juice that they are selling

If you are planning to see this again come over next year this time. I bet you will have a great time!!


Anonymous said…
The traditional costume they wearing is call yukata, a simple version of kimono, only wear for summer festival
onisama said…
the best part about yutaka... there should be no underwear within it... :D
Anonymous said…
that's why they got that hentai and funny rip off girl's kimono scene
= FLoReNcE = said…
Wow..nice lehhhhhhh..y din see u around ah pei pei.

Bwt, ur elder sis quite skinny oh. :)
-pEi- said…
hehe...coz i am not going..i met metric tat day

yeah she is she almost same tall as me but much lighter than me....n she looks younger than me...

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