Family Day - 9.1.2011

Its been 23 years I've been spending my parents money, wearing what they are paying for me, using what they gave me and finally I'm able to treat them a proper meal with my own salary on their advance celebration.

I know they don't expect much return as long as we are growing well and in good health but somehow I wish to repay them at least a tiny part or maybe doing what a daughter should actually be doing.

Lovely faces isn't it? Seeing them turning old every year makes me feel a little sad in heart sometimes and I really do appreciate every moment with them, especially my greatest mum. To me, she is the greatest mum of all.

My dad has always been a silent mode man. But he had been giving us what ever he can to us when ever he can afford it. A big thank you to lovely daddy.

Their sacrifice can never be weight by measurements or describe by any terms because it was priceless. Nothing even gold can compare to their kindness to us, sacrificing for us and of course their love to us. I love you both and happy birthday daddy and mummy!!~


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