Mr Ho's Fine Foods

It's been a while since Mr Ho's opening. Everyone had an impression that they sell food that is above average price. But somehow I think this is worth the price. Their food is just like what their name mentioned, fine foods.

Turkey Mango Salad
This is once a year pick that you can't find in the menu. They only have it during new year's eve. Its quite special combination because you have meat, fruit and vegetable in it. Weird mix isn't it? But it is quite special and healthy.

Cabonara Pasta
This is something for cheese lover. They have lots of cheese but they did not over put it which will make you feel disgusting after several spoon of it. This is just nice and great. I did not mentioned it that good purposely but somehow this is real good from the person who ordered it.

Mixed Grill
A big portion. I think big eater will gona enjoy this all in one plate of food. They can have pork, lamb, chicken and famous german sausage in one plate instead of ordered a few and can't finish it. It comes with side dishes.

Pasta with Turkey Ham
This is simple but awesome. You will love the aroma when it comes to you. You can't wait to try the very first bite of it. Spicy aroma with tasty and great texture of spaghetti and turkey. Must try!

Roast Chicken
Simple and very origin western food. The chicken was nice especially the skin. Crispy just like roasted chicken. I love the gravy and also the chicken texture. Not over cook and the smashed potato is cooked with butter. Not bad but I'm not a butter lover so I think it is just ok thou.

Fish & Chips
This is also quite a big portion. Personally thinks that the fries was nice. The fish I think was not as good as I ever tried when I was at UK. They had better quality of fish and in terms of getting it cook. Somehow, this is also not bad.

They still have lots of signature dish you can try. Pork Knuckle is a must try if you love meat. Get up and get to Mr Ho's then.


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