Soul T - CNY bunny DeeJay

Looking for something simple but yet special? Looking for something that fits your personality but not over bring out your weakness? There's something you must look at before you click on the close button.

SOULNATION as usual had been squeezing their mind to come out with better design of tee to people out there. The bunny year is indeed cute and prosperous. View more and scroll down to look for something that suits you best.

The Chinese New Year 2011 edition. I believe SOUL creator had put so much effort in this. See how detailed their soul tee is. Absolutely great and awesome. Comes in red, white and also black in color. Just buy according to your choice. It's RM 35 per piece.

That's not the only one. You still have choice. This is a better one for me personally. I love this cute bunny. The DeeJay Bunny. Comes in 2 color, black and white. You'll sure love it when you look at it. This is also RM 35 per piece.

Worry about the quality? Picture purposes does not suits the reality? Good news for people out there. SOUL NATION gona have a booth at coming CNY night market. Head over to the coming night market and see it yourself.

Nevertheless, when you make a purchase of SOUL T you will get a free tote bag or recycle bag. Don't believe me? Click *SOULNATION* and see it yourself to believe it.

p/s: Details of the booth will be update soon.


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